Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Picture Book Review: Butterflies in Room 6: see how they grow by Caroline Arnold

Image: Charlesbridge
Butterflies in Room 6: see how they grow by Caroline Arnold. Unpgd. Charlesbridge, March, 2019. 9781580898942. (Review of finished copy courtesy of publisher.)

I've worked with children between the ages of three to eighteen in the last thirty years. I am happy to have had such a wide range of experiences. I'm also lucky to love every age group. Really! I don't have a favorite age! There is something to love about each. Reading this delightful photo-essay made me nostalgic for elementary school though. The look of joy, of unbridled curiosity and unmasked enthusiasm on Mrs. Best's students was just happy-making. Yay! Hands on science!

Butterflies in Room 6 entices right from the cover. Full-color photos depict a variety of scenes from painted lady butterflies in the wild to the four stages of their life. The design is lovely as well from its heavy stock paper that will hold up to many readings to the leaf-shaped text "boxes" that contain extra information. The story of Mrs. Best's science activity is told clearly and accessibly with a large-ish, pleasing font. The candid shots of her students are precious and the more scientific shots and close-ups are helpfully labelled. Extra information is included in the back matter including, Butterfly Questions; a glossary; four websites and five books for further reading.

Butterflies in Room 6 is a great addition to any school library or elementary classroom!

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