Friday, August 10, 2018

Blog Tour Picture Book Review: It's Show and Tell, Dexter! by Lindsay Ward

It's Show and Tell, Dexter! by Lindsay Ward. unpgd. Dexter T. Rexter series #2. Two Lions/ Amazon Publishing, July 2018. 9781503901377.

Our favorite orange dino is back! Is he still prone to panic attacks? Dexter T. Rex is Jack's favorite toy and he has been training for "show and tell day" at Jack's school for weeks. Now that the big day is imminent, Dexter is starting to worry about his big day. He wants to make a big splash and be memorable, but doubts he's good enough.

Dexter reveals that his tummy hurts and his claws are clammy just thinking about failing Jack. Readers who might have anxiety issues themselves will relate to Dexter. All readers will cheer him on and reassure him that just being himself is really enough. Who doesn't worry about impressing at show and tell?

The palette is still bright yellows and blues, allowing Dexter's orange exuberance to pop. The cut paper collages and blue backgrounds are textured and eye-catching. Little details, such as a bunny nose and too-tight bunny suit, amuse. Since Dexter is speaking right to the reader, this invites energetic responses to Dexter's worries, making this a fun choice for story-time.  

Visit Lindsay Ward's website for more about Dexter and her other books. She has a coloring page too! There's also a cute trailer

Welcome back Dexter! Hope to see you again soon!

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