Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review: Toys Meet Snow by Emily Jenkins

Toys Meet Snow by Emily Jenkins. Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. unpgd. Schwartz & Wade Books/ Random House Children's Books, September, 2015. 9780385373302. (Won in a raffle.)

Three toys, Lumphy, the stuffed buffalo, StingRay the stuffed sting ray and Plastic, a rubber ball are left behind when Little Girl goes away for the day. It has snowed and the curious toys head outside to experience snow for the first time. Lumphy overflows with questions about snow, StingRay waxes poetic about the experience and Plastic spouts facts she read in a book. Together, the three explore, wonder about the change in landscape, try to build a snow man and find that snow angels are much easier. The double-page spread featuring their angels is so sweet! They play until the day fades into a glorious sunset, realize that they are wet and cold and return to the house to warm up and draw a picture about their adventures. 

I adored the trilogy about these toys. Knowledge of the trilogy is absolutely not needed to enjoy this; but older readers of the books will delight in revisiting the toys in this gorgeous and tender picture book. Surely a must-purchase book for school and public libraries. It would make a great gift book as well. This is one I want to give to my colleague at the elementary school and want for my own collections both at the middle school and at home; so I will be purchasing a few copies. The lovely cover features the three friends sprinkled with snow and invites touching. Don't miss this gem!

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