Thursday, June 12, 2014

Naughty Kitty! by Adam Stower

Naughty Kitty! by Adam Stower. unpgd. Orchard Books/ Scholastic Inc., May, 2014. 9780545576048. (Finished copy courtesy of publisher for review)

Poor Lily! She really wanted a dog for a pet, but her mom vetoed that on the grounds that dogs were "too messy, too smelly, and far too much trouble." Enter Kitty, a smudgy, stripey kitten who looks none too happy himself. Can he do tricks? No, but he was kind of cute and really liked a tummy rub. And, he wasn't much trouble. Until. Lily left him alone with his kitty kibble and who should walk in the back door but a tiger! You can guess the mess the tiger made in the kitchen and who was left holding the bag. 

Naughty Kitty! would be perfect for story time. Please don't skip the end papers as they extend the story and add humor. Young readers/ listeners will giggle with delight as they spot the tiger well before Kitty's oblivious owner. The pastel hued watercolor and ink illustrations are nicely rendered and contain visual humor and other clues for the eagle-eyed. Especially funny is the page about the revolting mess that Kitty left. The poo in the poop bag is bigger than poor little Kitty. He rolls with punches though. Good thing, since he may be contending with other escapees from the zoo soon.  

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