Friday, December 1, 2017

Fact Friday: Traveling the Blue Road: Poems of the Sea edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins

Traveling the Blue Road: Poems of the Sea edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins. unpgd. Seagrass Books, October, 2017. 9781633222762. (Review of finished copy courtesy of publisher.)

Let me put this right out there first: Language arts and social studies teachers who might be looking for a great title for a cross-curricular project, stop and take a look at this beauty! So rich with possibility!

Okay, now I can meander. 

I am not really a water person. While I love to be near the water, in the water? Not so much. I will enter the water as long as I can stand. Going out past where I can see land? Nope, nope, nope. The first time I saw the Mayflower II and realized just how small and rickety a craft it really was, I nearly barfed. That a hundred-plus people packed their worldly possessions and themselves onto the vessel and set out for the unknown boggles my mind. Still, those great expanses are intriguing. I confess that I never viewed the sea as a road. 

Traveling the Blue Road is a fascinating collection of original poems centered around the theme of arrival, whether by choice or capture or needing to flee a homeland. These poems will make you think. They are arranged chronologically and gorgeously illustrated with mixed media collages, most of which incorporate primary source images. This collection is one to get lost in both words and images. Seriously. Don't rush through it. In addition to a sprinkling of quotes throughout the book, the back-matter includes historical information behind each poem. Traveling the Blue Road: Poems of the Sea is a great addition to any library.

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