Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Waiting on Wednesday: Applewhites Coast to Coast by Stephanie Tolen

Applewhites Coast to Coast by Stephanie Tolen. 320 p. HarperCollins Publishers, October 17, 2017. 9780062133212.

Publisher synopsis: This third story about the madcap family introduced in Stephanie Tolan’s Newbery Honor Book Surviving the Applewhites features even more outlandish adventures and will appeal to fans of the Applewhites and those meeting them for the first time.

E.D. and Jake are doing their best to forget their bewildering kiss—after all, they’re practically family—and get back to “normal” life with the decidedly abnormal, highly creative Applewhites. When the family’s biggest fan, Jeremy Bernstein, pulls up to Wit’s End in an “Art Bus,” he brings with him a proposal for an Education Expedition: a cross-country road trip, educational quest, and video-documented competition for a big cash prize. Jeremy also drags along his troubled but beautiful niece, Melody. She’ll be joining the expedition with her own rebellious flair, much to Jake’s delight . . . and E.D.’s exasperation.

With characteristic Applewhite enthusiasm, the artists face disastrous performances, fainting goats, and some very bad ideas—but can they make it through the road trip in one piece?

I found this last week while scanning upcoming books looking for a road trip book to feature on Waiting on Wednesday. I just loved Surviving the Applewhites and have time to read the second installment before this releases.

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