Sunday, June 25, 2017

Saturday at ALA AC17

Yesterday was a jam-packed day at ALA. I couldn't figure out why I did not fall right to sleep when I finally turned off the light at midnight. Turned it back on and read for an hour and still tossed and turned till nearly 2. I awoke at 5:30 and am wondering how I am going to get through today on so little sleep. My day starts at 7AM at the Coretta Scott King breakfast and ends late tonight with the Newbery Banquet. Oy.

But yesterday, I took the shuttle to the convention center and hit the exhibits. I had no real plan other than to wander around to see what there was to see. Waited on a few lines for author signatures. 

Met Adele Griffin and told her my story about my students who cannot wait for Oodlethunks 3. She confessed to getting teary hearing about how much they got into the Oodlethunks.

Took tons of pics of books I don't want to forget to order. Went to the Scholastic Picture Book Brunch and listened to Molly Bang, Peter Sis, Sean Qualls and Alan Say talk about the making of their latest picture books. 

I had to duck out early because I had forgotten that I bought a ticket to the Margaret Edwards Award brunch where Sarah Dessen spoke. I enjoy her books and have a gaggle of seventh and eighth grade girls who adore her. We each received a copy of her newest, Once and for All.

I wandered the exhibits and sent the first two boxes of books off.


I wandered around some more and took photos with authors real and standee.


I attended the Disney brunch, organized by the effervescent Dina Sherman, and listened to Rick Riordan speak about his new imprint at Disney and the first book set to be published by an Indian writer, featuring an Indian girl and Indian mythology. I purposely didn't take arcs from the Disney booth since I thought I'd get some at the preview. Unfortunately, nothing was left! I guess I didn't get there early enough. Bummer.

I've got plenty to read.

I ended the evening with two events with Simon & Schuster. A party celebrating Ian Falconer and his new Olivia book, Olivia the Spy, followed by a dessert party. There was a chocolate fountain and Dr. Rob Bittner, my Converse twin. A few weeks ago, he posted a pic of his Newbery outfit, which included bright yellow Cons. I am a bit of a Converse collector hoarder and I. Had. To. Have. Them. He has been very gracious.

Then I spied Jason Reynolds and had to tell him how his book Ghost created a reader.

This sight greeted me as I turned onto Michigan Ave. All-in-all a wonderfully full day. I thought I would crash but ended up staying up till after one. Even then, I couldn't fall asleep. 

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