Monday, February 13, 2017

Non-Fiction Monday: Rivers of Sunlight by Molly Bang & Penny Chisholm

Rivers of Sunlight: How the sun moves water around the Earth by Molly Bang & Penny Chisholm. unpgd. The Blue Sky Press/ Scholastic Inc., January, 2017. (Review from finished copy courtesy of the publisher.)

In this fourth collaboration about Earth's life-giver, the sun we learn about how it moves water around the Earth. The elegant and poetic narrative flows smoothly, as our sun, as narrator, explains its role in the water cycle. The text is enhanced by the bright palette present in the previous three companion pieces. Molly Bang's detailed, busy illustrations invite lingering. Indeed, all four books create an attractive, informative set that is indispensable to science teachers. Rivers of Sunlight is perfect for introducing a unit on the water cycle in any science class from elementary through high school. #nevertoooldforpicturebooks! Nearly six pages of back matter explain some of the concepts in greater depth, making it a suitable resource for researchers. There are no source notes or suggestions of books or websites for further reading though.

Other fun picture books to introduce the water cycle include: All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon (Atheneum, 2011), illustrated by Katherine Tillotson and Water is Water by Miranda Paul (Roaring Brook Press, 2015), illustrated by Jasin Chin.

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