Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesdays - Non-book Websites

This week's TTT theme over at Broke and Bookish is favorite non-book websites. I almost skipped since most of the sites I visit are book related. The second most common sites I visit are yoga-related, with shopping bringing up the rear.

I practice yoga daily. While I recently transitioned to just visiting one studio, I keep track of what's going on in the other one. There are special events that are regularly scheduled and fun. LiveFree Yoga and Stone Center for Yoga and Health. Of course I need to practice while at the beach and my LBI studio is Yoga 9. 

Yoga Journal is an excellent online resource that I check often for essays and asanas. My favorite sites for yoga related materials, mats, meditation cushions, and jewelry are Gaiam and Sivana.

I am a Converse sneaker addict. Right now, I think there are 26 pairs in my closet. I wore through two and I am waiting on my customized Pride pair as I type. 

I love the comfy clothes from Title Nine. Talbots is my go-to place for work clothes. When I am looking for something unique and feel like treating myself, it's Sundance. I regularly check the Outlet and have bought many great pairs of boots over the years.

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