Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wild About Bears by Jeannie Brett

Wild About Bears by Jeannie Brett. unpgd. Charlesbridge, March, 2014. 9781580894180. (Finished copy courtesy of publisher for review.)

Few elementary aged students will be able to resist that cover! Once lured inside, they will learn that there are just eight bears species in the world. First, they will learn what all the species have in common, then each type of bear gets a double-page spread where readers learn the scientific and common names of the bear and the approximate size. Three paragraphs describe habits and habitats and two or three floating text "boxes" provide additional facts. The book ends with a color-coded map of the world showing where the eight species live and an illustrated habitat glossary. Three books and seven websites are listed for students interested in finding out more.

This is a nice introduction to bears for young report writers. the information is interesting and well organized. The illustrations are pleasing though not terribly realistic looking. Students used to informational books illustrated with full-color photos may be disappointed. My quibble is that the faces are fairly anthropomorphic. Still, a fine addition to most elementary school libraries.

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