Monday, February 25, 2013

Non-Fiction Monday

Yikes! I'm reading like crazy but not blogging like crazy! Here are two quick reviews of some non-fiction that I've read recently.

In the Line of Fire: presidents' lives at stake by Judith St. George. 144 p. Holiday House, 1999. 9780823414284. (Part of school library collection)

I came across this while I was reading my shelves at school and pulled it out to read. Four U.S. Presidents were assassinated and seven survived assassination attempts. This oversized, well-designed volume features compelling narratives detailing the assassinations and attempted assassinations along with information about the assassins and the vice-presidents who were suddenly thrust into the role of president. Over-sized, with lots of white space and plenty of photos, this is sure to please that history buff student.

Emancipation Proclamation: Lincoln and the dawn of liberty by Tonya Bolden. 120 p. Harry Abrams, January, 2013. 9781419703904. (Purchased.)

Beautifully designed, brimming with photographs of paintings, lithographs, political cartoons, tracts, as well as photographs of actual documents. The narrative is written from a collective "we" in two of parts. Personally, I didn't care for it and would've preferred a more objective third person; but I don't think that will pose a problem for young teen readers. This book is challenging but fits perfectly into the eighth grade social studies curriculum, making it a must-purchase addition to middle and even high school libraries.

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