Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review: Dog Man and Cat Kid by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man and Cat Kid by Dav Pilkey. 256 p. Dog Man series #4. Graphix/ Scholastic Inc. December, 2017. 9780545935180. (Review from purchased finished copy.)

Dog Man is back in what is his most hilarious adventure yet. Adorable "little" Petey needs a babysitter so Dog Man can go to work. Enter a nanny who is really Petey in disguise. Petey can't believe his clone is a goody-goody and wants to brainwash him into evil ways. Meanwhile, a movie is being made about Dog Man and he's supposed to stay out of trouble. But we all know how successful Dog Man is at that.

The hilarity continues with clever puns, low-brow humor and allusions aplenty. I laughed out loud several times and can't wait to share it with my students who are huge fans. Honestly, all the Dog Man books are must-purchases for any school or classroom library. 

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